CIT Bank Offering 3.60% On A Savings Account Or 3.65% APY On An 11 Month No Penalty CD!

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CIT Bank Now Offering 3.60% APY On A Savings Account, This is useful if you need to be able to access the funds and to add more funds without closing the account as would needed with a CD.

CIT Bank Now Offering 3.65% APY On An 11 Month No Penalty CD

Or you can also opt for a traditional 18 month CD at a rate of 4.50% APY here.

If you fund a CIT Bank 11 month no penalty CD with at least $1,000 you’ll now get 3.65% APY. With this CD you won’t pay any penalty to close the account early and your rate is locked in for 11 months.

With interest rates sure to rise steadily, this is a great way to lock in a high rate and be able to then switch to an account with a higher rate without penalty.

There is no hard credit inquiry performed for opening a CIT account.

  • No penalty to access funds if needed before maturity
  • No opening or maintenance fees
  • Daily compounding interest to maximize your earning potential
  • FDIC insured

CD interest rates can change after the 11 month initial period and may change without notice at that time. As of 11/30/2022 11 month no-penalty CD accounts earns 3.65% Annual Percentage Yield (APY) on all balances. A minimum deposit of $1,000 is required to open the account. Fees may reduce earnings.

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Does anyone know if you need a Heter Iska with this bank?


I don’t think that’s required with any US bank such as this.
Credit unions are a potential issue.


If I take out the money before the end of the 11 months, lets say 3 months in, will I still get all of the daily interest accumulated?