Our Future is Now

There is a new way of doing business and community that’s emerging, which is organic and evolutionary by nature.

Together, we can consciously evolve humanity toward true prosperity for all and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. 

You, me, we – will always be the solution and change we are looking for to transform our world.

Providing platforms and training that strengthen and guide:

Creating impact through social awareness, community engagement, and shining a light on what is possible:

NOW Inc’s intention is to create social impact through the promotion of unity, transparency, compassion, prosperity, and cooperation.

NOW Inc. has been creatively doing this through our ongoing campaigns since 2015 – And are still creating social impact through our forums, events, and video content that can be shared via social media.

Encouraging and supporting a New Style of Leadership:

Join the power of NOW, because our future is NOW:

NOW Inc. Co-Founders 

Elizabeth Ellames and Cherie Rowett

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