#2015 / Esteem Toward Women

It’s time for some greater truths concerning “Esteem Toward Women”

The essence of life and leadership lies in the way of the heart and in the conquering of negative influences that create duality. The great work in the world is performed by restoring its social and spiritual fabric. This is the same law, the same order, and the same regularity that governs All Beings and Nature… We were all created equal.

Women have endured many years of inequality, dominance, and suffering.

In our first series, we ask people – men, women, and children to share their thoughts and feelings with us.

  • What does Esteem Toward Women mean to you?
  • Why do you believe Esteem Toward Women is important for the world?
  • How can we demonstrate more Esteem Toward Women?

Here is our first video in our “Esteem Towards Women” campaign

We thought it fitting to start with ‘The Girl Guides’ and their amazing message of BEING THE PROMISE… I AM A WOMAN

Lisa McAskill and Elizabeth Ellames were asked to capture the thoughts of a group of girls from the Knightsbridge Guides on how they felt about being a girl, a leader, a woman and a guide for Plan Australia’s, International Day of the Girl campaign.

Huge thanks to these generous and creative souls for giving of their talents…..

  • Harvey Newland Harman for his stellar and sensitive editing and filming
  • Nathan Kalisch for his help with filming, lighting, and sound
  • Elizabeth Ellames for her support in the interviews and providing the context
  • Lisa McAskill for direction and content programming

This is a four-part series following these hashtags –

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