Our words lead the way!

The essence of life and leadership lies in the way of the heart and in the conquering of negative influences that create duality.

The great work in the world is achieved by restoring its social and spiritual fabric. This is the same law, the same order, and the same regularity that governs all beings and nature… We are all created equal.

It was International Day of the Girl yesterday and NOW Leadership Academy Inc celebrated in Adelaide with a fundraising event for UNWomen National Committee Australia, a positive event with remarkable guest speakers on the topic Esteem Towards Women and an audience who connected with this theme and participated in the rich conversation that emerged. Thank you to everyone who was involved – our guest speakers Genevieve, Heather, Kadija, Mia and Jonathan and also our generous supporters who donated beautiful prizes for our guests – Davroe, Adelaide Festival Centre, Next Generation, Yalumba, Bracegirdles, and Souzi D Wilson. Also big thanks to our amazing cameraman Harvey Newline Harman and the fantastic staff at The Lion Hotel.

Here are a few valuable quotes from the day!

When we have Esteem Toward Women we will all be better off, so step forward courageously, because our words lead the way.  – Mia Handshin

Esteem Toward Women is about being free. It’s about being supportive of each other. – Lady Mayoress Genevieve Theseira-Haese

If we were all in our power, imagine what we could create together! Let’s transform our fear of women into awe. And welcome the discomfort – it’s not going to be comfortable to change, but it will be worth it. – Jonathan Dallwitz

Esteem Toward Women is about respect and bringing equality to our world. Let’s stop using derogatory language and jokes that have been passed down the line from many years ago. – Heather Ward, Girl Guides representative

Esteem Toward Women is about standing up for ourselves, because our lives as women really do matter – there are different ways to be a woman. – Khadija Gbla

We first have to plant the seed of our “intention” and then pay “attention” to what it requires in order for it to grow into its full potential. The idea of Esteem Toward Women is planting a seed in peoples minds, which will grow into global unity. – Elizabeth Ellames

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We are a team of spirited trainers from diverse professional backgrounds who love supporting people in strengthening their leadership style. Our world is moving toward new social structures, which involves creating new systems, new communities, and new businesses. These new systems, communities, and businesses need New Style Leaders to grow the humanity we all want. Our role at NOW is to promote collaboration, overcome unconscious bias, strengthen employment growth by encouraging social enterprise and deliver new style leadership programs and seminars.

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