#2019 The Importance Of Belonging

There were many reasons to bring these stories to the public, one being it was totally in alignment with our NOW campaign – The Importance Of Belonging

FACES of CLAY is a short factual film that was created in March 2019 – it’s a collection of stories, both raw and real. The film was first screened as part of the Adelaide Fringe and The Art of Being Human Exhibition. We have now created a shorter version of the film so people can experience the film on social media and can share it easily through their communities.

Our creative approach invited the audience to experience the power of people, place, stories, and art. Faces Of Clay takes you on a personal journey with people who have experienced homelessness and the loss of a loved one to suicide.

See why they joined with a group of Creatives from different backgrounds to create art and to openly tell their story. This short film powerfully, yet gently focuses on the lives of four people affected by abandonment, depression, traumatic grief, and addiction.

The film also highlights the archetypical qualities of the Activist, the Artist, and the Outcast and gives the audience insight into how they often merge as one. This merging of archetypes reveals how we can heal our own humanity as well as our larger community. Elizabeth Ellames of Reel Deal Productions and Co-Founder of NOW Empowerment Collective and Harvey Newland-Harman of Adelaide Video teamed up to film the acclaimed artist Scott Eames while he created clay sculptures of each person.

The film invites the audience into the world of the sculptor, the charities and the world of the recovering model, and how the three coming together creates a window into the life and spirit of the Artist, the Activist, and the Outcast. The result is a heartfelt experience of the humans in and behind the art and the power of genuine validation. – The film premiere was at the Mercury Cinema on March 14th, 2019 and the MC for the event was Cherie Rowett of Heart Choice Enterprises and Co-Founder of NOW Empowerment Collective

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