Leadership Vision and Reality

Leadership empowers supporters.

Warren Bennis – on Leadership


Leaders are made, not born. – The journey to becoming a leader comes as a result of going through a process of self-discovery: “Before people can learn to lead, they must learn something about this strange new world.”

Leadership is like beauty. – Pinning down a pearl of wisdom on leadership can be elusive: “To an extent, leadership is like beauty: It’s hard to define, but you know it when you see it.”

Leading means deeply affecting others. – “A leader is not simply someone who experiences the personal exhilaration of being in charge. A leader is someone whose actions have the most profound consequences on other people’s lives, for better or for worse, sometimes forever and ever.”

A leader is self-aware.– “The leader never lies to themselves, especially about themselves, knows their flaws as well as their assets, and deals with them directly.”

Curiosity and risk-taking make a leader.– “The leader wonders about everything, wants to learn as much as they can, is willing to take risks, experiment, try new things. They don’t worry about failure but embrace errors, knowing they will learn from them.”

A leader sees the big picture.– “The manager has their eye on the bottom line; the leader has their eye on the horizon,”

The leader does right.– “The manager does things right; the leader does the right thing,”

Leadership and capacity. – “Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into action”

Leadership empowers supporters. – “We can all make the call, but will they come when you call them?”


Lisa McAskill | Elizabeth Ellames | Cherie Rowett 

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We are a team of spirited trainers from diverse professional backgrounds who love supporting people in strengthening their leadership style. Our world is moving toward new social structures, which involves creating new systems, new communities, and new businesses. These new systems, communities, and businesses need New Style Leaders to grow the humanity we all want. Our role at NOW is to promote collaboration, overcome unconscious bias, strengthen employment growth by encouraging social enterprise and deliver new style leadership programs and seminars.

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