Our Praxis Can Propel Us


By Cherie Rowett  www.heartchoiceenteries.com

As humans on earth at this time – it’s a great time to remind ourselves of the amazing praxis abilities that are unique to our species. Our praxis is apparent in our endless creativity and our skill sets, in our strategic adaptability, and in our cooperative capacity for social good. When used well it has helped our species survive and evolve through countless crises in times past.

What a helpful survival tool we have in our biological capacity to be able to ponder and then act strategically – so that whenever our prior thinking and actions have led to undesirable effects we are able to pay attention and change tack, and furthermore avoid repeating our mistakes. If we can harness this praxic cycle well it is indeed a source of hope for a better future. 

As well as our capacity to notice and reflect on how we have got to this current moment, it is our ability to imagine a better future that is important in the praxic process. We need the inspiration of an imagined desirable destination/outcome to spark enough momentum for change as that will drive us to act differently.

In 2020 and beyond may the human desire and shared responsibility for a better world continue to unite us. And may we feel rightly and appropriately empowered – to never ever give up on the hope that we can harness our praxis capacities effectively for a brighter future.

PRAXIS | meaning

Noun [mass noun] – practice, as distinguished from theory – An accepted practice or custom.

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