Looking After Our Future | Session 2

NOW Conversations


By Cherie Rowett for NOW Social Empowerment Collective

Thanks to those who connected on Tuesday 12th May for the NOW Social Empowerment online conversation about Looking After Our Future.  We are hosting these conversations online to make it convenient for people anywhere to engage – because NOW’s mission is to keep the conversation going for positive social change.

Those joining the conversations share their personal insights from this period of the worldwide “Pause” and thus connect more deeply with themselves and with the other people who are participating too.


What emerged from this particular conversation was that people feel that Looking After Our Future is both a personal and collective responsibility, which we achieve through our work and through our community awareness too.

Living through this collective response time feels like a personal adventure too in which we are becoming aware of aspects of our own identity afresh, which then adds to the lens through which we look at our own lives and our work.

On the work front, each person involved in the conversation was in a different situation, and for all of us, it was apparent that this period has meant disruption and even discontinuity in our usual work roles and/or work processes.


These “enforced” changes have magnified our values, such that the quality of how we work and what we are creating in our work has become very important. It was interesting to hear how we each desire the freedom to be able to express our values in our approach to our work and at this time we are also becoming increasingly aware of how much we value the opportunity to choose work that is meaningful to us.

And so the “work” theme emerged as a very significant element in how we want to look after the future.

We talked too about how this recent public health crisis overlays the focus on the global environmental existential threat that was growing during 2019, and that rather than forgetting those prior concerns and courageous voices – it is valuable for us to recognize the importance of holding both in mind so that each layer of crisis can inform the other.  In that way, the current health crisis for the human species can remind us of our collective and ongoing quest to create the change we want for a sustainable and harmonious future for all life on earth.

It was so encouraging throughout the conversation to discover that there is a common experience of this point in time as a crossroads between old ways and new ways for a desired and viable future.

And we hope you can join us from where-ever you are in the world for our next conversational session – on Tuesday – 19th May – relating to our NOW Campaign “Esteem Towards Women” as we discuss the topic of “What You Need and Why You Need It”.

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We are a team of spirited trainers from diverse professional backgrounds who love supporting people in strengthening their leadership style. Our world is moving toward new social structures, which involves creating new systems, new communities, and new businesses. These new systems, communities, and businesses need New Style Leaders to grow the humanity we all want. Our role at NOW is to promote collaboration, overcome unconscious bias, strengthen employment growth by encouraging social enterprise and deliver new style leadership programs and seminars.

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