International Woman’s Day BRUNCH 2021

Come and join us at our event


Creating A Hopeful Path Forward 

How will you help forge a gender equal world?

  •   Celebrate Women’s Achievement 
  •   Raise Awareness Against Bias 
  •   Take Action for Equality
  •   Activate Female Leadership

Advancing women in leadership is central to creating more profitable and productive economies, flourishing businesses and a healthier and more peaceful planet. 

Sunday 7th March 2021 | 10.00am – 12.00pm 

SEED and LEAD Team Members

Elizabeth Ellames | NOW Co-founder

Elizabeth is from Reel Deal Productions is a NOW Seed and Lead team member. It is her pleasure and responsibility to uphold the vision and culture of the NOW Empowerment Collective brand. Elizabeth has been supporting and empowering women for over 30 years.

Cherie Rowett | NOW Co-founder

Cherie is from Heart Choice Enterprises is also a Leadership Seed and Lead team member who brings an occupational and humanitarian lens to her role in co-creating transformative spaces, events, and programs with the NOW Empowerment Collective .

Susan Knapp and Aaliyah Sirengo

Susan and her daughter Aaliyah are from In2edAfrica – which is a start-up social enterprise with an intention to inspire, collaborate and educate people across the globe. They provide high-quality low-cost education to children in Kenya.

Genevive Hodge-Cardini

Genevive is from Spire Youth Leadership Coaching. She inspires & develops young people to become the best version of themselves in all areas of their life, study, & career. – Igniting socially responsible young leaders who create positive change in their communities, together making the world a better place!

Be inspired by our exceptional guest speakers  

Aaliyah Sirengo

Aaliyah  is a 16 -year-old student at Nazareth College. Aaliyah is Being The Difference by creating an initiative to eradicate period poverty from the community she was born into in Kenya. Aaliyah has purchased a sewing machine, employed a lady and is on her way to completing her first 500 sustainable sanitary packs-all in less than two months. She is currently purchasing a sewing machine in Rwanda to expand her project and provide sanitary packs for more girls.

Rana Hussein

Rana is a 16-year-old student at St Michaels College. Rana is Being The Difference by creating a campaign to remove the stigma associated with wearing hijabs. Rana has created an organization called Wrap it and is educating communities about the fact that all beautiful things come wrapped. Rana came to Australia when she was 10 not speaking any English from Eritrea.

Souzi D. Wilson –

Souzi will be performing her signature song RISE UP from her show in The Adelaide Fringe Festival.

Souzi has been involved with many events with a focus on women and girls’ empowerment which led her to write and record an album of all original songs with a message: ‘Rise Up!’ Souzi has written a cabaret show currently playing at The Adelaide Fringe Festival. ‘Good Girl/Bad Girl’ is her story of growing up the daughter of Greek Macedonian migrants, navigating ethnic taboos, hoping to be seen as a ‘good girl’. She breaks free to discover cultural expectations are not the only persistent bumps on the road to fulfilment.


NOW | International Woman’s Day BRUNCH 2021 

Sunday 7th March 2021 | 10.00am – 12.00pm 


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We are a team of spirited trainers from diverse professional backgrounds who love supporting people in strengthening their leadership style. Our world is moving toward new social structures, which involves creating new systems, new communities, and new businesses. These new systems, communities, and businesses need New Style Leaders to grow the humanity we all want. Our role at NOW is to promote collaboration, overcome unconscious bias, strengthen employment growth by encouraging social enterprise and deliver new style leadership programs and seminars.

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