#2022 Why Your Voice Matters

International Women’s Day | 2022

THANK YOU to all who attended our International Women’s Day event YOUR VOICE MATTERS – Building Vibrant Communities Together

Our guest speakers were exceptional

  • Heather Holmes-Ross
  • Jo Dyer
  • Barbara Pocock
  • And a special and powerful presentation by Rosemary Wanganeen

Plus Souzi D. Wilson sang her powerful song Rise Up, and invited us all to join in and raise the roof.

Take away from this event… The gathering of humans for our humanity, in a face to face space, creates such a beautiful and powerful resonance, which contributes enormously to the Unified Field Of Intent, setting up a vibration of healing and change.

Thank You again to everyone for being a part of the shift on March 8th 2022. – Our Future Is NOW

Warm regards, Elizabeth and Cherie


Meet Rosemary Wanganeen

Rosemary is a remarkable First Nations community leader, creating social change by using her voice as a renowned national and international public speaker at conferences, and round table talks. Her compelling works pertain to Griefology which pervades the lives of all Aboriginal people and therefore matters to the healing potential for all Australians.

Meet Dr Heather Holmes-Ross

For the past three years, Heather has served as the Mayor of Mitcham. She has learned that when we work together with the community we create opportunities for everyone. She believes this extends to the council, state government, and indeed federal parliament. However, she believes the best outcomes require politicians who understand and are invested in their local communities, working for the people they represent, rather than big business, multinational corporations, or campaign donations.

Meet Jo Dyer

Jo believes the major parties have failed us on the most important issues of our age. We don’t have time to wait for them to catch up. Decisions are made far away from the people they claim to represent, dictated by party office, often as a result of lobbying from sectional interests. The recent cohort of Independents in the Federal Parliament has shown it is possible to be true representatives of a local community, consulting them and acting on their concerns as opposed to being captive to lobbyists or indulging in political games. 

Meet Barbara Pocock

Barbara is running for the Senate because, like most Australians, she wants to see real action on the climate crisis. She is an economist and Emeritus Professor. She grew up on a mallee farm near Lameroo and has worked in universities, shearing sheds, the Reserve Bank, on farms, in unions, for the government and as a mother and carer. ~ Barbara has spent her life fighting for the rights of women and a South Australian candidate for The Greens.

As an Emeritus Professor at UniSA, she led a team of researchers studying how work affects women, men, children and the households and communities in which we live. And believes, now, more than ever we need more women in our parliament to stand up for important issues such as women’s safety, closing the gender pay gap, childcare and so much more that affects the daily lives of women across the country.

Our Performer 

Meet Souzi D.Wilson

Souzi is a talented singer-songwriter who believes we all have something special to offer and our life should be an expression of what we are passionate about. Souzi is passionate about connecting with her audience, and she believes it is time for women to Rise Up! and demand equality and respect for all people, in order to create true unity.


Elizabeth Ellames | Cherie Rowett | Susan Rooney-Harding 

Big Thank You To Our Support Partners 

We gathered with women on International Women’s Day – to remember and honor the progress and contribution by the many women in our world.

International Women’s Day (IWD) – 8th March – is a time to reflect on progress made, to call for change, and to celebrate acts of courage and determination by ordinary women, who have played an extraordinary role in the history of their countries and communities.

For over 30 years, UN Women Australia has encouraged IWD events, drawing together people from diverse backgrounds to celebrate global achievements, agitate for change and raise life-changing funds to support the world’s women and girls.

In 2022 we’ll be celebrating under the International Women’s Day theme, Changing Climates: Equality today for a sustainable tomorrow – a theme that recognises the contribution of women and girls around the world, who are working to change the climate of gender equality and build a sustainable future.  

Acknowledgement of Country and First Nations People

We acknowledge that we stand on the traditional lands of the Kaurna people, the traditional custodians of Country. 

We respect their elders past, present and emerging – And we pay respect by acknowledging and honouring their spiritual connection to land, animals, sea, waters and community. 

And their ancient living culture has sustained a respectful relationship to this sacred homeland for over 60,000 years.

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