Real Leadership – The Art of Being Present

Being the REAL DEAL is HOT, and anything less is NOT!!

Come and experience this powerful TWO DAY workshop


  • What YOUR VALUES are and how to align them with the story behind your brand. 
  • In order to succeed, you need to practice being FULLY PRESENT in your life.
  • Being the REAL DEAL with people is fast becoming our most valuable asset. 
  • Our natural instincts tell us WE THRIVE on the experience of being experienced.

These four factors contribute to the way we grow intellectually, emotionally, socially and spiritually…. and studies show we actually love being experienced while being in a community because that is what matters to human beings most of all… we are in fact hard-wired to maintain our connection with each other. 


What will you experience?

OUTCOMES / Benefits and Tools

  • The What, Why and How to communicate with clarity, transparency, and vitality. 
  • How to communicate your personal story and authentically connect with people. 
  • Identify what is holding you back and learn how to transform your life. 
  • And experience the POWER of being fully present in your life. 

For more details contact Elizabeth – Tel: 040 330 9696

NOW Facilitator 

Version 2

Contact  Elizabeth Ellames / NOW Co-Founder and Team Member

Creator and Director

My message for living a full life is: “Master your talents, create your art, always give generously and never give up on your loved ones or yourself… This is how I live life and is what motivated me to create a personal development tool called Living Attributes Typology, which consists of specific Archetypes. It’s a tool that defines and refines your true potential and purpose in life. With a career spanning over 30 years in the world of image consulting, and personal development, combined with an extensive study on the theory of ‘cinema/film’, Elizabeth has applied this body of knowledge in becoming an expert in the field of archetypes, narrative, and branding for personal and career development.

I love building dynamic cultures for businesses, public figures, and communities through the powerful medium of storytelling and purpose-based branding. As a principal team member of NOW it is my pleasure and responsibility to uphold the vision and integrity of the NOW Empowerment Collective brand. 


Elizabeth Ellames | Cherie Rowett


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