Wellbeing and Resilience in Business and Leadership

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Develop the 3 Pathways to Wellbeing and Resilience 

Not only is Empathy a key asset in your ability to Lead and Influence others, but there is value in practicing Self-care and Self-compassion.

“Looking after Yourself is Important… Full Stop – And looking after Yourself enables you to keep on looking after Others.”  

ACTIONS – In this one day Workshop, you will learn and develop Three Ways to ensure Your Contributions and Leadership are Sustainable.

You will learn about evidence-based approaches to Wellbeing and Resilience, and how to use them in your Life and Leadership.

“Having a Plan and a Toolkit can make Self-care and Wellbeing Do-able” 

OUTCOMES / Benefits and Tools

People who participate in this one-day workshop will:

  • Understand the science of Empathy and Compassion
  • Develop a Self-care Tool-kit to look after your Wellbeing and Resilience
  • Identify Strategies to Overcome Set-backs and Challenges, and to Stay on Purpose 


Contact Cherie Rowett on Tel: 0401 065 234

Cherie Rowett / NOW Facilitator

Creator and Director of  www.heartchoiceenterprises.com

The brain or mind is amazing and is interconnected with our emotions, behaviors, instincts, and choices. Understanding how it all works can help us understand ourselves in social situations and team situations, and when facing or leading change. I’m a passionate Praxis Consultant and as an experienced occupational therapist and lecturer, I bring a practical understanding of neuroscience to share.

My motto is to be Mindful and Heartfelt in life. I have a holistic view of human wellbeing – where the quest for meaning and purpose is central – growing praxis for purpose. I relish the heartfelt vision and commitment amongst this fabulous team of progressive women – Elizabeth, Lisa, and Courtney. Together we support social innovation for social change at this time in history, when that is exactly what humanity wants and needs.


Elizabeth Ellames | Cherie Rowett 



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