#2017  Looking After Our Future

Social Synergy creates Social Change – looking after our future

“To create a new currency for a thriving future it will take all of us coming together in different ways”. 

At our event on Oct 7th, 2017 we experience the power of a conversational panel discussion, a participatory workshop, and international guest speaker Dame DC Cordova via video. We also explored the many levels of connectivity between humans and it’s only when there is a collective impulse of true purpose alive in a community that the creative process will activate and start moving forward.

A big THANK YOU to Erma Ranieri, David Pearson, Khadija Gbla, Scott Boocock, Dame DC Cordova and the wonderful participants who shared their ideas and stories.

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The valuable takeaways from the event…

DAME DC Cordova – I always go back to the message of the great Buckminster Fuller… “How do we make the world work, for 100% of humanity, in the shortest possible time, through spontaneous cooperation, without ecological offense or disadvantage of anyone?”

ERMA RANIERI – Demonstrate your leadership from behind. When you’re in a role to be able to remove the barriers to innovation, you have a responsibility.
I go back to why I’m here – we all have a purpose. It’s not about my position, it’s about my generosity of spirit.  – “Go for it”

DAVID PEARSON – Trying hard is not good enough, Good intentions are not good enough. Make it personal. Take a systems approach; setting yourself up to do more for others – As a privileged white male, my family taught me a sense of values, to give back and be a joiner of community groups. “Keep calm and carry on”

KHADIJA GBLA – As an African Australian I see myself as a bridge; a bridge between culture, between people. It’s not about choosing a side as both offers so much – “Collaboration is not optional – it’s a must”

SCOTT BOOCOCK – It’s about growing… I use my name, my experience of traveling the world and my privilege of growing up in a lower social economic society where black and white didn’t really exist to me – “it was only Dougie, Ritchie or Brian” they were simply my mates. 
Here’s my ‘WINNING formula for success – Why; Idea; Network; No-mans land; Innovate; Now the How; Go for it

LISA McASKILL – When people are prepared to share stories, their vulnerabilities, their fears, and their strengths – real connection and understanding occur, which leads to collaborations and outcomes.

CHERIE ROWETT – Raising resonance allowed us to experience social synergy in the room – and it struck me how very happy it makes people to experience social synergy. An authentic conversation about social change can then be ignited – as we saw with everyone becoming able to create together not only collaboratively and authentically, but also joyfully!

ELIZABETH ELLAMES – By simply creating the appropriate space physically and energetically for people to be real with each other, gives them the confidence to enter into the realm of the imagination, which literally magnifies possibility and opportunity.



Elizabeth Ellames – Creative Director & Chairperson
Tel: +61 (0)403 309 69

Cherie Rowett – Community Director & Secretary
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How do we shift to a new mindset to create a new currency for thriving future enterprises, cities and our planet?

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Social Synergy Creates Social Change / looking after our future event was part of the Open State Festival  

www.openstate.com.au  at the south end of Victoria Square – Adelaide, CBD.

This event will bring together visionary leaders, entrepreneurs, and collaborators, who have sound solutions and specific expertise to aid in creating positive change for the future.

To create a new currency for our thriving future it will take all of us coming together in different ways. This session will include a conversational panel discussion, a participatory workshop, and international guest speaker/s.

Renewables – New Style Leadership – New Systems and New Businesses

There are many levels of connectivity between humans, but it’s only when there is a collective impulse of true purpose alive in a community that the creative process will activate and start moving forward.

This united initiative marks a time of a new way of thinking and being.


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DAME DC CORDOVA – CEO / Humanitarian / Philanthropist / Global Business Developer

Dame DC Cordova is in partnership with Huang Ming, one of the world’s leading solar architects, designer, and entrepreneur of Solar Valley China; the only city in the world where over 7 million people heat their water and street lights by solar power. She has become an ambassador and partner in his global expansion because his work (and that of his 6,000+ team) is in complete alignment with her purpose: to uplift humanity’s consciousness through socially-responsible businesses; and one of her missions: to transform educational systems around the world and eradicate poverty and hunger.

www.DCCordova.com  www.SolarValleyChina.com

Erma Ranieri 2

ERMA RANIERI – Commissioner for Public Sector Employment

Erma has worked for more than 30 years to help organisations optimise productivity and employee wellbeing. She was named a 2014 Telstra Business Woman of the Year as SA Winner of the Telstra Community and Government Award for her role in leading transformational change throughout the public sector. With a key focus on diversity and gender equality in leadership as business imperatives for the public sector, Erma continues to challenge cultural and structural barriers to drive innovative, collaborative and connected services for the community.


David Pearson

DAVID PEARSON – Executive Director / Social Change Advocate

David Pearson is the Executive Director of The Don Dunstan Foundation (DDF); an independent not-for-profit think tank that is part of the University of Adelaide and Flinders University. David is a director of the Adelaide Fringe Festival, the Social Impact Investment Network SA and the Australian Alliance to End Homelessness Inc. He has extensive experience working in senior policy roles for a number of South Australian Premiers and Federal Government Ministers in the areas of social, economic, environmental and public sector policy.


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KHADIJA GBLA – Speaker / Trainer / Activist

Khadija Gbla is a very passionate young African Australian woman. She is an award-winning inspirational speaker, facilitator, and consultant. Khadija is the Director of Khadija Gbla Cultural consultancy, offering cultural awareness training, advocacy and mentoring. Khadija believes in the power of speech as a transformative force: it can change the direction of a life, a community, or even an entire country. Her message transcends age, race, culture, and faith to sow the seeds of change.


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SCOTT BOOCOCK – Keynote Speaker / Social Entrepreneur / Consultant

Scott is an Aussie Innovator, entrepreneur, and inventor of the HEG, who loves to inspire people to turn their ‘Ideas into Action’. Scott’s book “The Aussie Innovator” was launched in April 2016 – which tells the journey of how he got to where he is today. Scott understands that it doesn’t matter what you do, you rarely do it by yourself. Your team, your family, your customers and those who you meet in your travels, make you who you are and contribute to your success.


Social Synergy Creates Social Change / looking after our future event: is part of the Open State Festival  www.openstate.com.au

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