#2022 Looking After Our Future

Remember Our Nature

Looking After Our Future | NOW Campaign



Let’s consider some new alternatives as we emerge from 2 years of distractions and restrictions

  • Find out what can naturally support your health and your environment
  • Discover hopeful actions currently happening in the local community
  • Learn about do-able steps, actions and resources for people and our planet

Our Speakers and Supporters

Sue Lohmeyer

For good health, a person’s mind, body and soul need to be in balance and in good working order. The body is under more duress than ever before, with ever-increasing levels of stress that arise from the pressure of relationships, environmental factors (including air, soil, water and food) and from pharmaceutical medicines. The natural use of plants as medicine is as relevant in today’s society as it has ever been. By treating the cause of health problems there are positive long term outcomes without unnecessary side effects.

Sue suggests prevention is the key – by offering a commonsense approach to health, which includes evaluating your levels of:

  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Fresh air, water and sunshine
  • Sleep and relaxation
  • Mental and emotional – stress levels
  • Healthy relationships

Mayor Dr Heather Holmes-Ross

The local government sector is well-placed to deliver measures to mitigate and prepare for climate change, which generally results in cost efficiencies and better living conditions for our residents; however, we are often told to stick to our knitting – roads, rates and rubbish. At Mitcham, we’re not listening!

Since declaring a Climate Emergency in 2019, Mitcham Council has not only embarked on several new and exciting projects but has also incorporated some simple, yet effective changes to the way we undertake our core business responsibilities including, roads, footpaths and reserves.

Creating a new today for a better tomorrow starts with people and the planet. 

What we do today will ensure the future of our planet and its inhabitants. This ranges from social equality to taking care of our future by participating democratically in our communities with actions that seek sustainable, renewable and transparent solutions. Fortunately, Social and Purposeful Enterprise is fast becoming a vital part of our planet’s future – These businesses create the specific ideas, funds, solutions, and sustainability that support positive change and growth at a grassroots level and globally. ~ It’s time for action! 

NOW Co-Founders | Elizabeth Ellames and Cherie Rowett

Our mission and passion at NOW Inc. is to create unity, through social and spiritual synergy. ~ We believe connecting your vision and spirit with others in your community grows confidence ~ Because purposeful connections create greater outcomes than we can achieve on our own. We also believe unity and quality resonance creates effective leaders that can create positive change. And that is why we look forward to assisting you at our next NOW Campaign Event

Any queries please call Cherie Rowett (0401 065 234) or email Elizabeth Ellames info.now.leadership@ozemail.com.au  

Acknowledgement of Country and First Nations People

We acknowledge that we stand on the traditional lands of the Kaurna people, the traditional custodians of Country. 

We respect their elders past, present and emerging – And we pay respect by acknowledging and honouring their spiritual connection to land, animals, sea, waters and community. 

And their ancient living culture has sustained a respectful relationship to this sacred homeland for over 60,000 years

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