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N O W Inc.

In 2011 Elizabeth Ellames seeded the project Unite Your Light and later the United Projects Initiative in Adelaide, South Australia. – The original vision of the project was to build a level of social and spiritual synergy that would create social change in our local communities, businesses and around the world. It offered women a platform to collectively demonstrate a new style of leadership. ~ N O W Inc. is proud and delighted to acknowledge it emerged from that original Unite Your Light invitation.

We invite you to watch these short videos and read an excerpt about the 2012 event that was written by the Lateral Love Community.

The Birthing of a New Humanity  – On the 22nd  December 2012 at The Sanctuary, Adelaide Zoo in Adelaide, South Australia, the Rise Up event celebrated and anchored the birth of a new humanity.

Unite your LIGHT – our future is now, was born out of Elizabeth Ellames passionate heart to help others identify and use their gifts to make a difference in our world.

Unite your Light has built a community of innovators, practitioners, teachers, artists, leaders, and everyday angels of compassion; a living example of the power that true unity in our communities creates.

Elizabeth, the Primary Vision Holder along with five Stellar Teams each consisting of a Vision Holder, Stellar Coordinator and complimentary team members formed in January 2012 to develop the content for last nights event. With a goal to embody unity-based principles at every level and truly serve in the transformation of humanity: for the individual, the community, and the world.

The event was designed to raise positive awareness in people, as well as raise funds for the “Because I am a Girl” campaign, which is connected to Plan International which is a development charity working with communities in 45 countries to alleviate child poverty.

Asking the questions throughout the year, Who and what does it mean to be – The New Woman, The New Man, The New Story, The New Family, The New Child, The New Business and The New Style Leader, this leading-edge project created a new understanding around the power of community.

It was an honour to experience young Kaurna and Narrunga man Vincent ‘Jack’ Kanyana Buckskin performing the Traditional Welcome to Country in his native tongue of Kaurna, the Kaurna Peoples being the traditional custodians of the Adelaide and greater Adelaide plains region of South Australia.

The Unite your Light attendees were privileged to have Jack and ‘Kuma Karro’ perform a traditional smoking ceremony and a number of their first-class traditional dances as they looked on holding their ‘united lights’ (lanterns gifted by the Unite the Light ladies to all attendees at the conclusion of the event).

Sacred ceremonies, video clips, performers, and presentations by guest speakers including the renowned Brandon Bays speaking on the New Consciousness & Elder Brian Butler talking about the ‘Decade of Lateral Love around the World 2012 – 2022’ along with Mia Handshin and Khadija Gbla from ‘Because I Am A Girl’ were all captured on the night, and along with additional footage filmed throughout the year, will form the basis for a documentary and YouTube clips which are still to come.

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All of humanity’s next phase of development will need to be imbued with Lateral Love in the light of unity. How we all contribute will be important. It is time to truly connect with each other and Unite our Light through the principles of the Decade of Lateral Love Around the World 2012 – 2022.

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