Moving Beyond Unconscious Bias



Is it time to challenge our unconscious bias? Can we override our primal brain and change our behavior? Yes, we can!

  • Do you have a very clear “why”?
  • Learn to be mindful of the common ground between all people and our universal human needs
  • Know how to draw on the whole brain (higher, cortical areas) to process diversity
  • Be willing to self reflect and become self-aware around discomfort
  • Develop plans, strategies, and behaviors – this way you can be prepared and proactive in the workplace

Learn the NOW Leadership Four C’s – these 4 human needs are universal 

  • Connection
  • Creativity
  • Confidence
  • Cooperation

Often the negative side of these attributes is driven by an unhealthy or habitual belief around “Competition or Dominance”. Acknowledging that we all have these same needs can help us to recognize we are the same even though we look different and have learnt different ways of operating in the world.

The NOW approach to Collective Visioning and Social Synergy

The Value and Challenge of Diversity – The diversity makes the whole – because we are uncomfortable with the unfamiliar, we try to make it the same and if it doesn’t conform we make it wrong to make it go away. And its’ not done consciously.

“If you are different to me – perhaps you don’t understand me?”

We each carry a desire to be understood and to belong – and so we have a fear of not being understood and not belonging. This is at the heart of our challenges with communicating across differences – for people in the minority and the majority group – but the stakes can be higher for people in the minority.

So, how do we remain ourselves to allow other people to be themselves?

  • How can we build trust?
  • How quickly can we build trust?
  • Getting to know another person’s story helps to build trust.

The Unconscious Bias and Inclusive Leadership workshop are about achieving clarity, understanding, appreciation, and developing the people and culture you want to work with.

Cherie and Elizabeth facilitate progressive team building exercises and information for emerging female leaders and influencers.

The workshop also focuses on… Collective Visioning and Social Synergy

Visioning, Synergy, Creativity, Overcoming Unconscious Bias and moving toward Inclusive Leadership – The workshops are fun and tailored to objectives with an overall aim to improve team performance and build a culture around effective collaboration.

Unconscious Bias and Inclusive Leadership Workshop

One day workshop – 9.30am to 5.30pm

Cost: $395.00

What you will experience at this workshop –


  • Participate in activities for experiential learning about visioning, synergy, and creativity within a team
  • Discover the benefits of the team’s shared strengths
  • Understand the role of e-motion, energy, and resonance in team culture 
  • Experience the NOW Empowerment process for collective visioning as a team
  • Learn practical steps for team synergy – Eg: meeting and communication practices for higher resonance
  • Learn how to achieve personal goals while in a team
  • Witness the value of your role in the collective outcome

Our Unconscious Bias and Inclusive Leadership Workshops are also suited to small or large businesses, schools, sports teams, clubs, associations, government departments, and not-for-profit organizations.


Cherie Rowett / NOW Facilitator

Creator and Director of

The brain or mind is amazing and is interconnected with our emotions, behaviors, instincts, and choices. Understanding how it all works can help us understand ourselves in social situations and team situations, and when facing or leading change. I’m a passionate Praxis Consultant and as an experienced occupational therapist and lecturer, I bring a practical understanding of neuroscience to share.

My motto is to be Mindful and Heartfelt in life. I have a holistic view of human wellbeing – where the quest for meaning and purpose is central – growing praxis for purpose. 

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Elizabeth Ellames / NOW Facilitator

Creator and Director

Elizabeth has an extensive skill base crossing; Brand Identity, Pattern Recognition, Narrative Development, Self Development, Visionary Leadership, and Social Synergy, and loves creating dynamic cultures that support business and community.

With a career spanning over 30 years in the world of personal development and as a transformation specialist, combined with studying film for three years. Elizabeth has applied this body of knowledge to become an expert in the field of archetypes, narrative, and purpose-based branding for personal, career and business development.


Elizabeth Ellames | Cherie Rowett


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